Summary of edition 2023


On March 3-5, 2023, the RYBOMANIA Angling Fair was held at the MTP Poznań Expo. The long-awaited meeting proved that anglers create an extremely energetic community for which relationships are as important as the greatest caught fish. In the alleys of the pavilion, amid intense conversations, another fishing season on Polish waters has begun.

The last edition of the RYBOMANIA Angilng Fair took place in March 2020, almost at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic in Poland. Its participants could not have expected that they would meet again in the Poznań pavilions three years later, in a completely different reality. – Although the fair events are just rebuilding in difficult times, this year’s RYBOMANIA attracted thousands of professionals and hobbyists, and the exhibitors compared their feelings to the best editions of this event. We believe that this is an excellent basis for building the range and reputation of this event in Poland and our part of Europe - says Miłosz Jankowiak, director of the RYBOMANIA project.

As intense as in the best years

This year's RYBOMANIA exhibition was located in pavilion 5, which is the largest hall on the MTP grounds. The neighboring pavilion 5A was also made available to visitors, where the Indoor Throwing Competition - the European Cup - was organized on Saturday and Sunday. The total exhibition area was over 20,000 m2, and the participants could also use the catering zone on the mezzanine and in the link between the main pavilions. As many as 207 exhibitors from 11 countries presented their stands (including Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway and the United States), both as individual and combined exhibitions. Visitors could learn about numerous novelties in the field of equipment, lures, clothing, boats and outdoor accessories, as well as talk to experts at the stands who willingly shared their knowledge and presented fishing innovations. The impressive space of the exhibition halls was filled with participants thirsty for fishing emotions. The RYBOMANIA fair was visited by a total of 22,436 people from Poland and abroad, which is irrefutable proof of the great return of this event and the great demand in the industry for meetings, exchange of information and presentation of market news. The turnout significantly exceeded the expectations of the organizers based on the results of previous editions and market conditions, which, coupled with the great satisfaction of the exhibitors, gives grounds for supposing the potential of the event's development and expanding its scale in the next edition.

Community over competition

- Competition is an inseparable element of every industry and every passion, this also applies to angling in many of its aspects. Manufacturers outdo each other for the best equipment, contestants sacrifice themselves in the fight for results, and fishing enthusiasts are waiting for the biggest fish. We are extremely proud that RYBOMANIA is a platform that transcends divisions, where everyone will find their place. Many important decisions are made right here, where the atmosphere of pure passion enables free conversations,” adds Miłosz Jankowiak. Anglers often use the phrase "high five", which has become a permanent part of the industry nomenclature. It is "fives" that are an inseparable part of meetings at RYBOMANIA and although their overtone is highly informal, it translates into better and better relations both at the company-client level and within the community itself. RYBOMANIA, as the only event in Poland combining the industry in such a wide range, is a platform for angling hobbyists and professionals, regardless of their level of advancement, preferred technique or existing relationships on a daily basis.

Knowledge directly from the best

In this aspect, the presence of numerous fishing authorities who appeared at the Fair, sharing their knowledge and skills during as many as 26 lectures on the main stage and 55 live shows, is also important. This group included e.g. Jakub Vagner, Piotr Boufał, Robert Adamski, Radosław Witólski and Monika and Łukasz Lechowski. The audience also had the opportunity to talk to the organizers and participants of national and international fishing competitions, including the Polish Carp Masters, Carp Cup 2023, Polish Carp Cup and World Carp Classic.

This year's fishing festival in Poznań had an additional meaning - the meeting of the entire industry is the best opportunity to reflect and discuss and ask the most difficult questions that could have been asked during lectures and debates. In a joint panel of the Inland Fisheries Institute and, scientists and experts expressed their opinion on the state of waters in Poland and presented their predictions for the future. The discussion on Saturday's Rybomania main stage was a form of analyzing the current situation and an attempt to identify solutions in relation to, among others, last year's events on the Oder River. Ratuj Ryby Foundation, known for e.g. research on sturgeon, together with partners and sponsors, inaugurated a new project to study the fish population in Poland, this time it will lead the Catfish Project. Meetings with specialists were an excellent opportunity to promote attitudes that respect the beauty of nature and shape behaviors to protect it.

Underwater spectacle in the Giant Aquarium

The RYBOMANIA Fair was also an opportunity to see a unique "fish" show. A huge tank for almost 20,000 liters of water was stocked with about 120 specimens of 14 species of fish, which not only pleased the eyes of visitors, but also - literally! – tested the producers' novelties and the angling skills. The aquarium brought especially for RYBOMANIA from Portugal made it possible to present the action of lures and equipment of the best brands live in as many as 55 shows lasting for the full 3 days of the Fair, and the leading stars of the fishing world took care of the greatest emotions. The shows at the Giant Aquarium provided not only strong impressions, but also and a solid portion of practical knowledge and skills for their observers. Throughout the Fair, the fish was watched over by their owner, and after the shows, they were transported with the greatest care to their native reservoirs.

A great return and ambitious plans for the next edition

After a three-year break, the RYBOMANIA Angling Fair returned to Poznań in a great style - from 3 to 5 March, the atmosphere of a great angling festival prevailed at the MTP Poznań Expo. Over 200 exhibitors, hundreds of new products for the upcoming season, the Giant Aquarium and meetings with hunters of the largest fish specimens once again inspired fishing enthusiasts for the coming months. The unusual angling community had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, which is difficult to experience on a quiet fishery - in the space of the bustling pavilion, new concepts, brilliant combinations of equipment and accessories, ideas on how to improve and develop your fishing passion were born. We fish in silence and we meet in the bustle of conversations at RYBOMANIA. We create this space with the greatest commitment just for enthusiasts. After this year's edition, we have a lot of conclusions, many new inspirations. We hope that the next edition of RYBOMANIA will be even more interesting, fuller and more inspiring – adds Miłosz Jankowiak.


Thank you for being with us!