Aquarium with 23,000 liters of water at Rybomania 2020 Poznań. Great initiative of exhibitors!


The Rybomania Poznań fishing fair has nearly 400 exhibitors, 3 days for visitors, new equipment and performances by speakers. However, these are not the only attractions that are planned during the last stage of the Rybomania Tour Rybomania Poznań 2020 cycle.

On the initiative of external companies, a large-scale aquarium in which fish will swim will be built at the fair. This is our exhibitors own undertaking.


The aquarium holds nearly 23,000 liters of water. Together with the specimens of fish from Polish waters floating in it, it will become a place for presenting fishing tackle and baits.


The following companies are responsible for the organization and care of the aquarium:



Relaistic Shad

Relax Lures

K. Waby wobblers


Raymarine Poland


Zalt Company

Eljacht Electronics Yacht

Evinrude Poland BRP

NorthSilver Polska Fishing Boats