Organizer: Grupa MTP

Fishing handicrafts zone at Rybomania Poznań!

Rybomania Tour will end its cycle in Poznań. The organizer - Grupa MTP - in addition to access to new equipment, announces many attractions, including a large-scale aquarium. Among nearly 400 exhibitors there will also be those offering fishing handicraft products.

Anglers - craftsmen strive to produce the perfect lure whose most important goal is to catch fish. Manufacturers often spend a lot of time preparing the highest quality equipment, so the hand-made is even more difficult. For the production of such lures, many materials are used, from wood, metal, feathers to rubber, and thus you must have the skills to process these materials.

Ideas and the very implementation of the lures takes place on the water's edge, because you can immediately check the effect of the work, but fortunately those who want to see these unique works, without waiting can visit the special handicraft zone during Rybomania in Poznań. - We appreciate the work of those who prepare the lures by themselves, we are aware of the time they have to spend on it. In addition, such a lure is one of a kind, because it is made by hand, it cannot be repeated. - says Miłosz Jankowiak, director of the Rybomania fair. - We invite everyone to visit this zone, but we encourage anglers and companies that specialize in this field to exhibit in Poznań. We provide a unique atmosphere.

During Rybomania you can establish business contacts and prepare
upcoming season. The facility of the MTP Poznań Expo will be filled with exceptional emotions thanks to the invited guests - fishing stars. There will also be a fishing handicraft zone. We do not forget about the youngest. After the success of the "Rybomaniak Six", in which children visiting selected stands, took part in knowledge competitions, the action will be continued in Poznan. A special zone will be set up where avid youth will be able to spend time actively learning about the art of fishing as part of the Young Angler Academy.

Undoubtedly, a huge attraction will be a large-scale aquarium in which fish will swim.
Manyfik, Realistic Shad - Matusiak, Relax Lures, Woblery K. Słaby, Stepanow-Fishing, Raymarine Polska, #GATOR, Zalt Company, Eljacht - Elektronika are responsible for the preparation and care of the aquarium.
and Elektrotechnika Jachtowa, Evinrude Polska BRP, NorthSilver Polska Fishing Boats and Leech.