Angling stars

The angling environment is full of celebrities – anglers who are looking for adventure and roam the world in search of giant fish. That is how special guests that will appear this year at RYBOMANIA in Poznań can be summarized. Each of them has his own history, achievements and record fish specimens!

During this year's RYBOMANIA, you will have an opportunity to meet e.g. Philippe Carême, an angler with over 40 years of experience and more than a hundred catfish with the length of over 200 cm caught, including the largest albino catfish (May 2012). There will also be winners of prestigious competitions present at the Fair. The demonstrations by the Giant Aquarium will be conducted by e.g. Luc Coppens, known as one of the most experienced anglers in Europe specializing in catching predatory fish. His career means not only a great adventure, but also fantastic achievements. Among other things, Luc Coppens won, three times in a row, the Belgium Predator Championship, and the pike with a length of 133.6 cm caught by him is a record specimen in Belgium. The guest of this year's RYBOMANIA in Poznań will also be Sir Bob Nudd, the most successful float angler in the world. In twenty years, he has won eleven gold medals at world championships - four individually and seven together with his team. He has managed to catch such specimens as a reef shark weighing 160 kg caught in the Bahamas, a 9 kg carp or salmons weighing 20 kg.

In the angling firmament of RYBOMANIA there will shine such stars as Alan Blair or Frédéric Julian, as well as Polish angling champions, including Mariusz Getka - three-time champion of the Old Continent, nine-time champion of Poland, five-time winner of Grand Prix Poland in Drifting Boat Angling with Artificial Lures, Robert Taszarek - multiple winner of Grand Prix Poland and many other successful anglers. The event will be an excellent opportunity to get to know their techniques and ways of catching really big fish.