Exhibitors` Reception Desk

It coordinates issues related to the exhibitors' stay on the PIF grounds.

The Exhibitors' Reception Desk provides information about the general programme of events organised by PIF, individual trade fair projects and activities of the Conference Centre. We also offer information about entertainment and the city.

Entry passes, vehicle entry passes and invitations
The exhibitor and cooperating companies have the possibility:

  • to obtain passes for stand assembly and disassembly (it is necessary to give the name the assembling person)
  • to obtain detailed information about the organisation and regulations for a given trade show
  • to reserve and purchase subscription entry passes for exhibitors, permanent vehicle entry passes and to reserve and purchase a parking card at Matejki Street (WA and KPW order forms are available from the trade fair website)
  • to collect free-of-charge entry passes and vehicle entry passes to a show under a licence agreement or cooperation agreement
  • to purchase paid invitations to a business evening
  • to obtain cash register slips and invoices for provided services
  • to pay for provided services with a payment card

Additional services during the fair

NET POINT ITC services

  • use the Internet on the spot
  • black and white and colour prints
  • photocopying services
  • fax

Wielkopolska Club of Technology and Technical Improvement (WKTiR)

It provides consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises about how to obtain the primacy certificate from PIF's exhibition and which procedures to follow to patent an invention, design or trade mark in the Polish Patent Office.



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